organization systems

Garage systems:

Turn your garage into an extension of your home. Elite offers custom storage and slat walls to maximize your home storage and neatly hang all your family’s favorite hobbies. Our systems are both functional and stylish solutions for hobbies, crafts, and workshops. Our creative solution designers get to know your space and your needs then create a customized garage storage solution just for you and your family. Slat walls provide the flexibility for your space as your family's needs change. It is a system that can grow with you as your family or hobbies continue to grow. Optimize your space and keep your garage organized. Elite will make your garage your favorite room in your home.

closet systems

There are endless possibilities with closet and storage organization systems. Our creative Solution Designers will work with you to build a customized design that reveals a closet or spaces optimal potential. Organization systems can be used for walk-in and reach-in custom closets, wardrobes, children playrooms, craft areas, pantries, media rooms, and storage rooms.

Walk-in closets are larger spaces, but often times that means the space can come with more challenges to maximize efficiency and storage ease. Solution Designers will work to take full advantage of your closet, no matter the layout. Reach-in closets are commonly found in older homes, or guest rooms. A single rod can make it hard to keep your space organized. Our systems build multiple levels of storage that is easy to access. Wardrobes create a closet that was not there before. Instead of a armoire you would have to buy at a furniture store, we build a custom look that will bring style, order, and functionality to your room.

Children bedrooms and playrooms are unique spaces that require a different design component in mind. How they can grow with the space. Our flexible and easily adjustable systems provide for the stage your children are in now, and what is to come. We design with your family in mind. We want your house to remain your home.

Craft areas provide a special get away space or room that allow your creativity to unfold. Don't spend your time searching and sorting through your items. Our organization systems can take even the smallest space into a place for you to make your own work of art.

Pantries and storage rooms often get forgotten. These spaces are needed for a home to function, but are often very small in size. By using our organization systems to organize your food and storage items, you can get the most potential out of even the smallest spaces.

Media rooms can be difficult to house your technology needs, but yet still remain pleasant to the decor. Elite storage systems allow your media room to not only house amazing technology, but also keeps it organized and stylish.

We believe all homes have hidden potential. Invite our creative Solution Designers for a complementary design consultation. You will be glad you did. You will never look at your home the same.